Leaving the European Union is a huge societal upheaval for Wales.

We are actively working to make sure that the voluntary sector in Wales is ready for the challenges that this has already brought and will bring. This page highlights a range of resources for the sector to help tackle these challenges.

Future wellbeing of Wales: looking beyond Brexit

Our series of think pieces on three themes – Responding to the climate emergency; A new economy and Transforming health and social care – look at opportunities for the sector to create positive change as the UK leaves the European Union and who can do what to make this positive change happen. Each think piece comes with an accompanying podcast to highlight and discuss the key findings.

Responding to the climate emergencythink piece | podcast

A new economythink piecepodcast

Transforming health and social carethink piece | podcast

The Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit

The Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit is a joint project between Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre and WCVA that is funded by the Legal Education Foundation.

It aims to enhance the capacity of third sector organisations to understand and engage with the Brexit process.

Empowering Communities in the Context of Brexit

Research published by WCVA on how Brexit could impact communities in Wales, how the voluntary sector can prepare, and how policy-makers can support the sector. Read the report here.