The Third Sector Scheme is unique in the UK. It legislates for Welsh Government to engage with the third sector.

WCVA facilitates the engagement under this scheme through biannual meetings with each Minister, plus meetings of the Third Sector Partnership Council.

On this page you’ll find information about the Third Sector Scheme and the Third Sector Partnership Council and Ministerial Meetings, some of our mechanisms for the sector to access government.

You’ll also find papers, agendas and minutes from Ministerial Meetings below. For information about current consultations from the Senedd, Welsh Government and others, and an archive of WCVA’s responses to consultations, please visit our consultations page.


The Third Sector Scheme is a statutory piece of legislation setting out how Welsh Government and the voluntary sector will work together and communicate with one another.  

It offers the sector formal routes for talking to Government and raising the concerns of our members and service users. These include biannual meetings with the Third Sector Partnership Council, as well as biannual ministerial meetings between sector networks and each Welsh Government Minister. These meetings are among the key tools the sector uses to influence Welsh Government.


The Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC) is a key mechanism for voluntary organisations to talk to, and hear from, Welsh Government.

It’s chaired by Lesley Griffiths MS and is made up of representatives of voluntary sector networks working across 25 areas of sector activity along with Lindsay Cordery-Bruce, Chief Executive of WCVA.

The main purpose of the TSPC is to make sure that the principles set out in the Third Sector Scheme are put into practice. It also provides an opportunity for the sector to raise issues of interest or concern.

Elections to the TSPC take place every five years. Current members and the networks they represent are:

Name Area of interest Network
Helene Hayes Advice and Advocacy Independent Advice Providers Forum
David Bowles Animal Welfare Animal Welfare Network for Wales
Gareth Coles Arts, Culture and Heritage Creative Lives (Formerly Voluntary Arts Wales)
Andrea Cleaver Asylum Seekers and Refugees Welsh Refugee Council
Hugh Russell Children and Families Children in Wales
Chris Johnes Community Building Communities Trust
Bernie Bowen Thomson Community Justice Community Justice Cymru
Rhian Davies Disability Wales Disability Reference Group
Kathryn Robson Education and Training Adult Learning Wales
Owen Derbyshire Employment Keep Wales Tidy
Karen Whitfield Environment Wales Environment Link
Kofo Oladunjoye & Priscilla Addey-Blankson Ethnic Minorities Race Council Cymru
Selima Bahadur Ethnic Minorities Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST)
Victoria Vasey Gender Women’s Equality Network Wales
Kate Young Health, Social Care & Wellbeing Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Planning Group
Ruth Power Housing Homes for All Cymru
Sheila Hendrickson Brown Local and Regional Intermediaries CVC Cymru
Hayley Richards International Welsh Centre for International Affairs
Victoria Lloyd Older People Age Alliance Wales
Gethin Rhys Religion Interfaith Council for Wales
Davinia Green Sexuality Stonewall Cymru
Bethan Webber Social Enterprise Social Enterprise Network
Matthew Williams Sport and Recreation Welsh Sports Association
Eleanor Norton Volunteering Volunteering Wales Network
Richard Flowerdew Volunteering Volunteering Wales Network
Lowri Jones Welsh Language Mentrau Iaith Cymru
Paul Glaze Youth Council for Wales Voluntary Youth Services
Lindsay Cordery-Bruce WCVA Chief Executive WCVA representative


TSPC Covid Recovery Sub Group minutes – 18 September 2020

TSPC Covid Recovery Sub Group minutes – 12 October 2020 

TSPC Covid Recovery Sub Group Minutes – 5 November 2020 

TSPC Covid Recovery Sub Group Minutes – 1 December 2020

Third Sector Partnership Council – Covid-19 Recovery sub-group -Terms of Reference  



As part of the Third Sector Scheme each Welsh Government Minister is committed to meeting with representatives of the relevant networks of voluntary organisations covering their areas of responsibility at least twice in any one calendar year. WCVA has responsibility for arranging at least two network planning meetings to prepare for each meeting, and also ensures that the issues raised from the voluntary sector are of broad relevance to the whole sector in order to maximise the effectiveness of the meetings.


Portfolio Cabinet secretary
First Minister of Wales Vaughan Gething MS
Finance, Constitution and Cabinet Office Rebecca Evans MS
Culture and Social Justice Lesley Griffiths MS
Climate Change and Rural Affairs Huw Irranca-Davies MS
Housing, Local Government and Planning Julie James MS
Economy, Energy and Welsh Language Jeremy Miles MS
Health and Social Care Eluned Morgan MS
Education Lynne Neagle MS
North Wales and Transport Ken Skates MS
Ministers Minister
Counsel General Designate Mick Antoniw MS
Minister for Social Partnership Sarah Murphy MS
Minister for Social Care Dawn Bowden MS
Minister for Mental Health & Early Years Jayne Bryant MS
Future Generation Commissioner Derek Walker

Please contact for more information.


Portfolio Minister/Deputy Minister Planning group papers Final meeting papers
Finance & Local Government Rebecca Evans Notes 04.02.22

Notes 06.09.21

Notes 08.09.22

Notes 10.11.22

Notes 17.05.23

Health and Social Services Eluned Morgan
Julie MorganLynne Neagle
Notes 08.02.22

Notes 18.05.22

Notes 19.07.22

Notes 06.09.22

Notes 01.12.22

WCVA Notes 08.12.21

WCVA Notes 26.09.22

Rural Affairs and North Wales Lesley Griffiths Notes 04.10.22
Climate Change Julie James

Lee Waters

Notes 14.06.21

Notes 08.09.21

Notes 07.03.22

Notes 21.09.22

Notes 17.11.21
Social Justice Jane Hutt

Hannah Blythyn

Notes 13.10.21

Notes 07.10.22

Economy  Vaughan Gething
Dawn Bowden
Notes 23.03.23

Notes 15.09.22

Notes 15.02.22

Notes 07.06.21

Notes 09.11.22VS

Cost of Living

UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Notes 16.11.23

Education and Welsh Language Jeremy Miles Notes 01.06.21

Notes 15.09.21


Notes 11.10.22

Notes 19.10.23

Supporting the Curriculum for Wales

Welsh Education Workforce

Notes 28.06.22

Notes 20.06.23


Copies of papers from meetings with the previous Cabinet are available on request. Please email or call 0300 111 0124.


The Equality and Human Rights Coalition is a network to enable organisations who work in the equalities and human rights field to engage with each other, share information and good practice and influence policy which impacts on the experiences of people who face unequal and discriminatory treatment in Wales.

WCVA facilitates this network. Please contact Livia Pietromarchi for more information on or 0300 111 0124.