Demonstrate your organisation’s positive impact

‘Impact practice’ refers to all the activities you do to demonstrate the positive difference that your organisation makes. It’s about learning how to best serve the people you support.

This means: 

  • planning what difference you want to make
  • collecting the right information to know if you’re achieving your goals
  • assessing what impact you’re having, and
  • learning from the results to improve your work.

It’s becoming increasingly important for voluntary organisations to be able to show the difference they are making and to be able to communicate this effectively to funders, beneficiaries and the public. 


For help in taking the first steps towards measuring, understanding, and improving your impact visit the NPC website which contains a range of tools and clear practical guidance: Starting to measure your impact

The NPC guidance provides:

  • a step-by-step approach you can adopt (called the Cycle of Good Impact Practice)
  • a jargon buster guide
  • a diagnostic tool on what data to collect and how
  • information on the principles that should inform impact practice (the Code of Good Impact Practice)

These resources have been adapted from the Inspiring Impact programme, which ran from 2011 until early 2022 and supported voluntary organisations to improve their impact practice. WCVA was a partner in this programme from 2017.

More information about the Inspiring Impact programme.

Our Inspiring Impact peer network provides opportunities for organisations to connect with each other and share learning and good practice. If you would like to join the network, please email


Co-Production Network for Wales – Measuring what Matters is a simple and practical tool for anyone undertaking evaluation, to help them ask the right questions, of the right people, in the right way.

Data Cymru – provide a range of specialist support designed to help you find and use data effectively, including: help to source, collect, or collate data, data analysis and effective data presentation.

Social Value Cymru  – provide information on how to measure and manage social value and offer advice training and consultancy.

Evaluation Support Scotland – provide support through evaluation tools and resources, workshops, case studies and blogs.


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The Code of Good Impact Practice

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Running your organisation – Impact and Impact Measurement

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Impact Measurement Starter

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