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Have your say on who speaks for our voluntary sector

Published : 18/01/21 | Categories: Influencing |

Members of WCVA can now nominate representatives to the Third Sector Partnership Council, the group that connects the voluntary sector and Welsh Government enabling them to advocate and influence policy.

WCVA’s members are now able to nominate the network or Wales-wide organisation they think is most appropriate to represent the interests of the voluntary sector.

The interests fall into 25 categories that make up the Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC).

Members of the TSPC serve for five years, and elections for members to serve 2021 – 2026 are now underway.


The TSPC acts as a formal mechanism for regular dialogue and partnership working between Welsh Government and the voluntary sector.

It is chaired by Jane Hutt AM and is made up of representatives of voluntary sector networks working across 25 areas of sector activity along with Ruth Marks, Chief Executive of WCVA.

‘The Third Sector Partnership Council is the primary mechanism for the voluntary sector to engage with and represent its interests directly to Welsh Government,’ says Ruth. ‘We would encourage all our members to engage in the current nomination process.

‘This is a hugely important time for the Council as it considers how the sector can engage with Welsh Government on a green and just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as many other social issues that the pandemic has brought to light.

‘Another aspect to bear in mind is that this process will be timed to have links with the next Welsh Government, and for the full Senedd term – so is really a great chance to engage and influence.’

Communication and collaboration between the voluntary sector in Wales and Welsh Government is vital and the mechanisms by which this takes place are set out in the Third Sector Scheme.

Nominations close on Friday 19 February. Member organisations should have received information on how to nominate already – if not, please get in touch.


WCVA is responsible for facilitating the selection of the voluntary sector members of the TSPC. The nominated network or organisation does not have to be a member of WCVA. However, it must be able to identify its constituents and have arrangements in place for communicating with them.

If there is only one nomination to a category, and this is uncontested, that network or organisation puts forward a lead and an alternate representative for the TSPC.

When more than one network or Wales wide organisation is nominated as representative in a particular category, WCVA will attempt to negotiate a solution that accommodates all interests in that category.

If the negotiations fail to achieve a mutually acceptable solution, WCVA will invite its members to elect the most appropriate body to represent the interests of that category.

For any queries, please contact Fiona Harris at

If you’d like to join WCVA as a member and have your say in the TSPC elections, as well as other benefits, please have a look at our member pages.

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