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Have you checked your entry on the new register of charities?

Published : 09/12/20 | Categories: Information & support |

In September the Charity Commission launched a new version of the online register of charities.

The online register provides the public with information about individual charities and all registered charities will be listed there.

Helen Stephenson, CEO of the Commission has said that her ‘principal ambition for the new register is that it is used, and used increasingly widely, in helping people make informed choices about the charities they want to support … As people make those choices it is crucial that they know where to go to check whether an organisation that approaches them for support is a registered charity, with all the added protections that brings.’

The Commission wants charities to be open and transparent about the way they work, and how they spend their money.

The new online register makes more detailed information about individual charities available. It is available in both Welsh and English.

You can use this feedback form to tell the Commission what you think.

Each charity’s register entry will now display more clearly whether the charity has been subject to regulatory action or is of ongoing concern. Entries will now show how many staff members receive pay packages of £60,000 and above. It also notes where trustees are remunerated for their work and lists the policies a charity has in place, from safeguarding to conflicts of interest and investments.

The register will also make it easier for researchers to access and download data on charities.

If you are a registered charity, we would recommend that you visit the register and check your entry to make sure the information is up to date and there are no red flags. Remember, the trustees are responsible for making sure the Commission has accurate information about your charity.

Guidance for Trustees

For the latest coronavirus information for charities, please see the Charity Commission coronavirus guidance page

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