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Gift Aid Awareness Day 2023

Published : 15/09/23 | Categories: Funding | News |

Gift Aid Awareness Day provides an opportunity for charities to promote Gift Aid and increase the value of their donations.

This year, Gift Aid Awareness Day and the focus of the #TickTheBox campaign is on Thursday 5 October.

Gift Aid is a tax relief for charities in the UK which increases the value of donations. When UK taxpayers donate, the charity is able to claim an additional 25% of the value of the donation. That means for every £10 donation made to the charity, they can receive £12.50. All of this is at no extra cost to the donor.


In January 2022, the Charity Finance Group estimated that over £500m in possible Gift Aid goes unclaimed every year.

The Charities Aid Foundation has found that almost a quarter of eligible taxpayers don’t add Gift Aid when making donations.

That’s millions of pounds that charities across the UK could be making excellent use of for the benefit of their communities.


Gift Aid Awareness Day and the #TickTheBox campaign give charities great opportunities to thank those donors that do tick the Gift Aid box for their donations, as well as raising awareness to current and potential donors, supporters and volunteers on how valuable Gift Aid can be to an organisation and its beneficiaries.

This could be a good time to remind your volunteers in charity shops and fundraising events to encourage people to sign up for Gift Aid, or to offer a new volunteer role to support your Gift Aid claims.


Head to the Gift Aid Awareness Day webpage to download the campaign pack.

If, as a charity, you’re not currently set up to process and receive Gift Aid, have a look at the Introduction to Gift Aid resource on the Third Sector Support Wales Knowledge Hub.

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