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General election 2019 – guidance on lobbying for charities

Published : 04/12/19 | Categories: Influencing |

The UK general election is fast approaching, do you understand the dos and don’ts for voluntary organisations during an election period?

The 2019 United Kingdom general election is scheduled to be held on 12 December 2019. Given the current political context and ongoing Brexit uncertainty, The Brexit Civil Society Alliance and Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit have jointly secured some legal advice from Blake Morgan LLP in the form of a short guide and checklist to help third sector organisations understand their obligations under the Lobbying Act 2014.

The document provides a brief explanation of what charities can and cannot do, as well as some guidance on assessing whether you are undertaking regulated activity and are likely to need to register with the electoral commission.

Summary guidance on lobbying for charities.

The Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit

The Wales Civil  Society Forum on Brexit is a joint project between Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre and WCVA and is funded by the Legal Education Foundation. It aims to empower and enable the third sector to understand and engage with the Brexit process through providing accessible information and a coordinating role. It will:

  • Connect civil society organisations and leading experts to stimulate informed debate and discussion
  • Enable groups and experts to share knowledge, information and draw on existing expertise
  • Develop shared positions and take coordinated action.

The Forum will publish regular briefings, host an online resource hub and organise regular Brexit related events. It can also respond to requests for tailored information on Brexit from organisations. Visit www.brexitforumwales.org to find out more.

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