The Wales Micro Loan Fund is funded through The Development Bank of Wales to support small and medium sized enterprises.

The fund is investing a total of £30 million in small loans, with Social Investment Cymru managing access to up to £2 million of these funds for social businesses in Wales. 


We’ve helped lots of social businesses expand through flexible loans that cover a range of investment needs such as:

  • Purchasing stock – Would more stock or different stock be the boost your business needs?
  • New plant and equipment – New equipment could increase your production or make your business more efficient
  • Cash flow – Better cash flow management could be the key to unlocking your business’ potential
  • New premises – You’ve expanded and need more space or you need to fit out your new premises
  • Acquisition – You’d like to buy a small business

A micro loan can provide the capital you need to invest in your business and it can also be used alongside other finance.


Please note to be considered for investment you will need to:

  • Be based in Wales or willing to relocate
  • Provide a business plan
  • Fill out an application form providing the necessary supporting documentation

Loans of between £1,000 and £50,000 are available with a maximum repayment period of ten years.

Interested organisations should contact Caryl, Alun or Rhys for a preliminary discussion on 0300 111 0124 or email


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