Two funding streams from the Comic Relief Community Fund in Wales to support community led organisations.

The Comic Relief Community Fund in Wales was a pilot scheme to ensure that its funding reaches the heart of Wales’ communities, by supporting community led action tailored to the varied communities across Wales.

Organisations with a socially focused purpose and an income of less than £250,000 were eligible to apply. There was £1,350,000 available in total grants. 

Comic Relief’s Strategic Themes 

For both grants organisations had to demonstrate that they were working in line with one or more of Comic Relief’s strategic themes: 

Children survive and thrive 

Actions to give children the best start in life and access to opportunities to achieve their potential 

Gender justice

Actions to improve equality for women and girls 

A safe place to be

Actions to help vulnerable people improve their circumstances and safety 

Mental health matters

Actions to enable access to support and increase awareness 

Comic Relief Community Fund awardees

The Organisational Growth Grants have been awarded to organisations to carry out activity which will make a strategic impact and increase their resilience.

Community Care & Wellbeing Service (CCAWS)

Community in Mind



  • Mental health
  • A safe place to be

Community Care and Wellbeing Service (CCAWS), via its Community in Mind (CiM) project will provide multilingual and multi-faith support to a community of individuals facing challenges with their mental health and wellbeing.

Three main interventions, Advocacy, Befriending and Counselling will be delivered by a team of committed volunteers able to tailor support to meet the needs of a diverse range of beneficiaries.

The core principle of CiM is to deliver holistic and tailored support to enhance the mental, social, emotional resilience and spiritual strength of individuals, thereby leading to improved community wellbeing as a whole.

The grant will be used to support the organisation in developing their IT infrastructure and engagement strategy.

Cruse Bereavement Care (North Wales)

Support for All



  • Mental health

Cruse Bereavement Care will improve their range of bereavement support services in the community. The project will support more bereaved people when they need it most by radically changing the structure of the services offered, empowering individuals and placing bereaved people first.

This project will diversify the range of services available to bereaved people, resulting in increased choice and decreased waiting time for support. The services offered will become more sustainable and reach further by applying new methods such as peer counselling groups.

As a result of this project, in addition to one-to-one support we will be able to offer a sustainable programme of:

  • Understanding bereavement sessions
  • Volunteer-led group support
  • Peer-to-peer group support

Grow Cardiff

Deeper roots, Stronger shoots



  • Children Survive and Thrive
  • Mental health
  • A safe place to be

Grow Cardiff is a tenacious, pioneering charity, set up by local people for local people. They use community gardening to enable individuals and communities to thrive. Uninspiring urban plots are transformed into nature-filled, buzzing hubs and lives and communities are transformed too.

The grant will be used to develop stronger ‘roots’ – a stronger core for the charity to sustain healthy ‘shoots’ – sustainable, healthy new and existing projects that use community gardening as a multi-purpose tool that brings about real, lasting social change in local communities across Cardiff.

The grant will provide much needed time to develop the ‘bigger picture’, particularly for the organisation’s social prescribing and educational work. It will enable senior leadership to be less reactive and more purposeful, to explore new (non-grant) income streams and to share the task of developing a resilient, sustainable and effective organisation.

Mid Wales Rape Support Centre

Mid-Wales Rape Support Centre Development Project



  • Mental health

Mid Wales Rape Support Centre will develop and deliver accredited counselling courses in Mid-Wales, and train counsellors who will specialise in supporting local people affected by rape and sexual abuse.

They will also employ a Regional Development Officer to grow the project and ensure the sustainability of the organisation in the region. At a strategic level, the project will help to achieve a significant change in specialist mental health services for people affected by sexual violence in the area.

Currently there are no local universities or colleges who run counselling courses; the nearest one being a 3½ hour round trip away.

Sistema Cymru – Codi’r To

Codi’r To – Raise the Roof – Business Development



  • Children Survive and Thrive

Sistema Cymru – Codi’r To (Raise the Roof) is a grassroots community regeneration project which uses music to improve the lives of young people and the communities in which they live. Established in 2014 by a group of local people who were driven to address child poverty in their community, Codi’r To adopted the the Venezualan El Sistema programme.

Every year over 350 children take part in music led activities, proven to create transformational change and providing a social return on investment of £6.69 for every £1 across the wider community.

This funding will contribute to ‘children survive and thrive’ by providing financial stability for the delivery of the Codi’r To programme during 2020. At the same time it will create the opportunity to build support and capacity for future delivery of the programme; through the review of existing strategy and fundraising activities

Bridgend YMCA

Strength 2 Strength



  • Mental health

Bridgend YMCA enables and empowers children and young people to maximise their potential through social, physical, cultural and emotional activities. This grant will fill a skills gap which will free up capacity to enable the management team to strategically develop and grow – providing stability, continuity and flexibility.

The grant will provide the organisation with a Compliance, Finance and Performance officer. This will enable the management team more time to expand and develop services for young people.