Free sessions to help organisations understand the Welsh elections

Free sessions to help organisations understand the Welsh elections

Published : 24/02/21 | Categories: Influencing |

The Senedd are holding free online sessions for voluntary organisations to find out more about the election and what it means.

The 2021 Senedd elections are currently due to take place in May. People will be invited to decide who should represent them and their communities in the Welsh Parliament. Your thoughts may have already turned to what this might mean for your organisation both now and once voting has taken place.

The Senedd are to hold a number of free online sessions for all interested parties to find out more about the election.

The first is a 30-minute introduction to the 2021 Senedd Elections, looking at the role of the Senedd, its members and the election process.

The second is run in partnership with the Electoral Commission, and helps attendees understand the elections, how to register, eligibility and the election process, the role of the Senedd, how the next Senedd will be formed, its powers, and the role of Members of the Senedd in holding Welsh Government to account. You will also be provided with access to online resources, videos and activities.

The final session is specifically tailored to your particular organisation. Contact the email address below for more about this.

For more information about these sessions, including how to book, email or phone 0300 200 6565.

These sessions offer a chance to develop a greater understanding of the role your organisation can play in representing your stakeholders’ voice to Welsh Government, as well as a more in-depth insight into devolution and the powers of the Senedd.

At the time of writing, the 2021 elections are currently scheduled to take place as planned. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to some uncertainty about this. The Senedd has recently passed legislation to enable the election to be delayed if deemed necessary.

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