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Flintshire volunteers prepare to come to the aid of residents

Published : 09/04/20 | Categories: Volunteering |

Hundreds of Flintshire volunteers are preparing to undergo training to help them tackle the problems faced by vulnerable Flintshire residents in the wake of Coronavirus.

Flintshire County Council and FLVC, Flintshire’s County Voluntary Council (CVC), which is responsible for co-ordinating volunteers in the area, are working together to make sure their newly formed army of well-wishers are equipped to give help where it’s most needed.

Volunteers can expect to receive training that will help them carry out such tasks as preparing and delivering meals to those in need, shopping for essentials, collecting and delivering prescriptions and offering over the phone support to people, as the effects of the COVID-19 virus leave a great number of people isolated and unable to leave their homes.

The response from people wanting to do good as this crisis has unfolded has seen a huge surge in new volunteers throughout Wales, as well as the rest of the UK, with hundreds of thousands of new volunteers signing up to do their bit.

Ann Woods, Chief Officer of FLVC, said ‘as the County Voluntary Council we are continuing to help link the many hundreds of offers of support from volunteers with the support needs of Flintshire residents.  By working closely with local authority and Health Board colleagues, we can help streamline access to voluntary support to ensure we maximise efficiency and conserve the energy of all involved’.

Anyone who’d like to volunteer can do so by registering on the Volunteering Wales website –, and any organisation needing volunteers can also post opportunities for people to sign up to.

At WCVA, we are working to ensure people and groups like these are able to continue supporting communities, and despite announcements of funding and amazing response from volunteers, charities are still facing financial crisis which will severely hamper their ability to respond.

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