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Draft budget 2024/25 – statement from WCVA

Published : 19/12/23 | Categories: Influencing | News |

Welsh Government’s draft budget for 2024/25 has alarming consequences for the voluntary sector in Wales.

Welsh Government released its draft 2024/25 budget on 19 December 2023. We are extremely concerned by the breadth and depth of the proposed cuts.

The 2022-25 spending review laid out a clear commitment to creating ‘a stronger, fairer and greener Wales for all’. Subsequent budgets – and this one in particular – have eroded this commitment.


The cuts include another significant reduction to the Social Justice budget, which contains cuts for equalities based voluntary organisations that represent people with protected characteristics.

We are especially disappointed at the lack of prior notice to voluntary organisations directly facing crippling cuts from this announcement. This will come as a shock to many organisations and to the people and communities that depend on their services.


It will take time for the voluntary sector to fully unpick the draft budget. But it is already clear that many essential services delivered by the voluntary sector will be affected..

This direction of travel is unsustainable. There must be a wholesale change in how we fund long-term preventative action, in line with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.


To weather this financial storm, the voluntary sector must be treated as an equal partner alongside public sector bodies.

We will continue to work with the sector in influencing Welsh Government to protect the most vulnerable in society and tackle climate change to create ‘a stronger, fairer and greener Wales for all’.


If you have a grant or a contract with Welsh Government funding, we encourage you to contact your relevant official for advice on how this draft budget may impact on your work.

Have you been affected by this draft budget? If so, please contact

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