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Do you have environmental volunteering opportunities that you want to promote?

Published : 02/03/20 | Categories: Volunteering |

WCVA has recently welcomed a small team of interns (Emma, Iris, and Jennifer), to embark on improving the uptake of environmental volunteering opportunities.

The Volunteering Wales website is a great space for organisations to connect with potential volunteers across Wales however, some of the role descriptions would benefit from a fresh pair of eyes and some targeted support to champion these valuable roles. The team are skilled in the field of communication and have a range of innovative ideas to create content and volunteer descriptions to appeal to younger volunteers 16-25.

Like many of their peers, Emma, Iris and Jennifer have a personal connection to fighting climate change and believe that this passion for the environment and protecting the future provides a great opportunity to get more young people than ever into environmental volunteering.

WCVA want to make sure that the opportunities posted on Volunteering Wales are appealing to prospective volunteers and we are pleased to be working with these passionate interns that can help you to refresh your content, terminology and opportunity tags to help you to build your volunteer base.

Once the opportunities are refreshed, the interns will also be preparing a series of blogs, articles and social media content to help direct traffic to these opportunities.

If you have any opportunities, you think could benefit from a bit of environmental advocating please do get in touch with the team! You can contact Emma at

Meet the team


I have joined WCVA as an environmental intern to help raise the uptake of volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering Wales website among young people.

I, like many others my age, have a very personal connection to fighting climate change feel it is so important it is we together to preserve our future. Of course, this covers many avenues from the conservation of local wildlife and plants in Wales all the way across to food waste and responsible recycling.

I’m excited to be here at WCVA, the centre of the volunteering network in Wales, and I look forward to working alongside all the organisations that are as passionate about these issues as I am.


I am very excited to start my internship here at WCVA! I applied to this internship because WCVA seems like an ambitious and altruistic organisation with a unique approach to create positive change. Providing an infrastructure for the third sector, a solid basis on which volunteering and well-being for all involved parties can thrive, is extremely important in my opinion. I am honoured to be part of a team that will help improve this infrastructure through increasing the number of and access to environmental opportunities on the digital platform.

With a specific passion for producing creative content, I look forward to engaging more youth in environmental volunteering opportunities in original and innovative ways. As I am further interested in event management, I am very intrigued to be able to contribute and learn more about the upcoming gofod3 event and the Volunteers Week 2020.


My name is Jennifer Geminiani and I am one of WCVA’s new interns. As a third-year student at Cardiff Uni studying Journalism, Media and Culture, I’m extremely passionate about broadcast journalism and event management and I am so excited to be part of such a creative team.

Originally, I am from Italian descent but I grew-up in Germany. Taking advantage of my multi-national background I was able to learn speaking four languages fluently. Therefore you can approach me in German, Italian and Spanish as well as obviously in English. I have always enjoyed travelling a lot and I hope to travel the world one day.

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