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Diverse. Ready for change. Equal partners

Published : 25/07/22 | Categories: News |

We’ve been working with our members and partners to think about what we can do over the next five years to positively shape a better future for Wales.

People in Wales have always come together voluntarily when they want to make a difference. Today, Wales has thousands of voluntary organisations made up of ordinary people, taking seemingly small steps that lead to a huge difference.

But we know that the last few years have been extremely difficult for people in Wales and beyond. Voluntary organisations have faced tough times. We’ve seen the effects of the pandemic, climate change and rising inequalities, and there are big changes and challenges ahead.

To meet these challenges voluntary organisations need to come together, organise and look ahead to prepare for the future. That’s why WCVA was formed all those years ago, to enable voluntary organisations in Wales to make a bigger difference together.


To make sure we can all tackle today’s challenges head on we’ve been working with our staff and members. Together we’ve been thinking about what we can do over the next five years to positively shape a better future for Wales.

We want to take action now to create a future where voluntary organisations and volunteering thrive across Wales, improving wellbeing for all.


We believe that to succeed we’ll need our sector to be diverse, ready for change, and to be equal partners in improving wellbeing in Wales, where everybody’s contribution is valued, and everybody can come together to help make things happen.

This will be our focus over the next five years, but we can’t do it alone. We’re calling on all our members and partners to play their role in enabling us to make a bigger difference together.


We recently spoke with WCVA members, Ethnic Minorities Youth Support Team (EYST) and Red Cross Wales about the issues that underpin this work.


If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch or you can take a look at our easy-to-read strategy for 2022-27.

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