Deputy Minister praises sector response to coronavirus crisis as new inquiries launch

Published : 27/04/20 | Categories: Influencing |

The Deputy Minister Jane Hutt has published a statement setting out Welsh Government’s support for the voluntary sector, charities and volunteers during the Covid-19 crisis. 

In the statement, the Minister acknowledge and celebrates the role that the sector and volunteers are playing and the support they are providing in protecting the wellbeing of Wales, its people and communities, recognizing ‘the invaluable contribution’ they make. 

She then highlighted the funding streams available for the sector at this time. These are: 

  • The Third Sector Resilience Fund, which will provide direct financial support to charities and third sector organisations through the Covid-19 crisis to help pay bills and ease cash-flow.
  • The Voluntary Services Emergency Fund, which supports voluntary sector organisations in the community to co-ordinate the massive volunteer response we have seen across Wales. This fund helps organisations cover the out of pocket expenses of their volunteers. 

She concluded the letter by saying, ‘Finally, I want to say to all the volunteer groups and charities who are supporting the people of Wales right now – thank you. You are amazing. 

Two new inquiries into the effects of the crisis on Wales have also launched. The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee is now seeking evidence on the impact of the outbreak on health and social care organisations, while the Welsh Affairs Committee has opened in inquiry on the effect of the crisis on the Welsh economy. 


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