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Demonstrating WCVA’s impact

Published : 11/12/23 | Categories: Information & support | News |

Our 2022/23 annual report provides examples of what we did towards the ambitious goals we’ve set ourselves, and the difference that we made.

In 2022/23, following the end of pandemic restrictions, we worked with the voluntary sector to tackle the impact of the cost of living crisis and the closure of European Funds.

At WCVA we worked hard to enable voluntary organisations in Wales to succeed in spite of the many challenges we all face.

Our 2022/23 annual report focusses on the three biggest differences we made during this period.

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In 2022/23 we distributed £27.5m in grants and loans to the voluntary sector.

This included £846,000 in loans awarded by our Social Investment Cymru team to 14 different social businesses or trading voluntary organisations to grow their activities and impact.

£13.7m of the funding was for environmental grants and our Net-Zero Carbon Start-up Grants also helped budding social enterprises to flourish while embedding good climate practice from the start.


With news about the invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis there, we worked with the sector and other key partners to ensure Ukrainian refugees were re-settled and supported quickly and kindly.

We worked closely with Welsh Government, the County Voluntary Councils, Welsh Local Government Association and local authorities to create links and enable specialist organisations to provide much needed support.

Together, we produced materials aimed at aiding efforts in local authority areas, helped shape the content available on sanctuary.gov.wales, provided updates from Welsh Government to stakeholders, and ensured feedback from the frontline was considered in the development of policies.


With the end of EU funding in Wales, the changes in the way we work due to the pandemic and our new strategic plan for 2022-27, WCVA needed to organise and look ahead to prepare for the future.

We went through an ambitious change programme to re-design and develop the organisation to ensure we’re in the best possible position to support the voluntary sector in the future.

This included a package of support and development for staff to provide as much help as possible during these uncertain times.

While the process was challenging, it was necessary to ensure long-term financial sustainability.


Our annual report 2022/23 includes a variety of case studies, including this one focusing on a project funded by our Wales and Africa scheme.

Gbemisola standing smiling

Improving health in Nigeria, Wales and Africa funding from WCVA helped Shine Cymru and Festus Fajemilo Foundation support people like Gbemisola to improve their health and future outlook.

Gbemisola was born with Spina Bifida and suffered with continence issues as a result, which lead to her facing severe stigma and mockery from her peers.

After starting on the Foundation’s ‘Saving Lives! Improving Futures’ she learned to better manage her continence issues, and finally found the confidence to make new friends and even go to university, with plans to become a disability rights advocate.


You can see the full case study and others in our 2022/23 Annual Report 2022/23.

For more information about the impact of WCVA please visit our impact page.

Thank you to all our members and partners who have worked with us in 2022/23, to make a bigger difference together.

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