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Covid-19 and the Welsh economy – ‘Wales will need much additional support’

Published : 19/05/20 | Categories: Influencing |

We have responded to the Welsh Affairs Committee’s consultation on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Welsh economy.

In the response, we have commented that:

  • We would prefer a progressive, UK-wide lifting of lockdown restrictions to avoid potential economic disadvantages across the four nations.
  • Wales will need substantial additional support, especially given questions around the efficacy of the Barnett Formula. The UK Shared Prosperity Fund could be vital tool in providing this, but it should be administrated by Welsh Government.
  • We have noted the need for additional support for those voluntary organisations that support the tourism industry, including nature and countryside organisations, as well as the tourist industry itself.
  • Infrastructure and front line sector services and activities will need additional support to harness the endeavour of our communities.
  • The crisis has highlighted pre-existing inequalities in society, such as those faced by BME groups, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Clear and accessible communication has never been more important.
  • Arrangements should be agreed at national level to enable pathways for the public sector to work collaboratively with the voluntary sector, strengthening its capacity to respond to future crises.
  • Medium-sized charities are falling through gaps in the support structure on offer.
  • Delivering services for communities post-crisis will require a different approach and engagement with the communities themselves. This will need resource, planning and support.
  • There will need, post-crisis, to be an emphasis on care closer to or in the home or community.
  • Welsh Government should ensure fair pay and working conditions for those in the care sector.
  • Welsh Government should be working with specialist charities and agencies supporting those who received shielding letters, and in the wider vulnerable group charities.

You can read the full response here and view an archive of our older consultation responses here.

We’d like to thank all the organisations that contributed to this response.

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