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Celebrating ten years of the Inspiring Impact programme

Published : 14/02/22 | Categories: News | Training & events |

After a decade of supporting voluntary organisations to improve their impact practice, the UK-wide initiative Inspiring Impact will close in early 2022.

The Inspiring Impact programme emerged from an ‘impact summit’ in 2011, where 30 leaders in the field of social impact measurement met to discuss what was needed to embed impact practice throughout the UK social sector. Looking back over the years, Inspiring Impact has helped deliver some of the vision that was set out at that summit and the programme has so much to be proud of.

WCVA joined the partnership in 2017, taking on the role of peer network lead for Wales in 2018. Since then, WCVA has hosted numerous free webinars and events, providing voluntary organisations with information, resources and networking opportunities to improve their impact practice. The project proved very popular in Wales, with increasing numbers of participants attending events from 2018 to 2021. During this time, we also worked with our County Voluntary Council (CVC) partners to disseminate information about the project to organisations across Wales.

As a partner in the programme, WCVA is highly thankful to the wide range of charities, funders and social enterprises across the UK who have contributed to, and made the programme possible throughout this time.

We will be joining the partners for a closing event on 22 February which will celebrate everything that has been achieved through Inspiring Impact, explore how the sector has changed in the last ten years, and consider how we can build on the learnings and legacy of the programme in the future.

Date: Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Time: 2 pm – 3.30 pm

Venue: Zoom

Register on NPC’s website to join us (free).

Any questions should be directed to the events team at NPC (

The Inspiring Impact partners are NPC, Social Value UK, NCVO, Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS), Community Development and Health Network, and WCVA.

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