Cardiff’s Muslim communities respond to the COVID-19 crisis

Cardiff’s Muslim communities respond to the COVID-19 crisis

Published : 22/05/20 | Categories: Volunteering |

Cardiff’s Coronavirus Relief Project has marked Ramadan by rallying a fantastic community response, sending out 500 food parcels and collecting over £5,000 in generous donations, with over 100 volunteers signing up to help.

The project was set up through the Rabbaniah Islamic Cultural Centre involving local volunteers from the Grangetown & Riverside area to help put together and distribute the parcels. The food parcels were created with the intention of supporting low income families through the COVID-19 crisis during the month of Ramadan.

Parcels have been distributed every Friday since 24 April, containing basic staple foods needed to keep a family going.Baby milk and nappies were also delivered to those that need them. This community may be fasting while Ramadan takes place, but they are helping to make sure others don’t go hungry.

The project was coordinated by Moseem Suleman with help of few dedicated volunteers. He said, ‘Each week approximately 30 volunteers help pack and deliver 150 food boxes to families in need.’

When asked how he receives the orders he said: ‘We created a poster which is shared on social media with other organisations. Then potential recipients call the number and answer a few basic questions to qualify for support for a basic foods parcel.’

Grangetown Cultural Centre Secretary and former Grangetown Councillor Tariq Awan (who is also part of WCVA’s Active Inclusion team) has been assisting too.

‘I helped to raise the project profile through my Twitter and Whattsapp groups. I also contributed by donating through the Go Fund Me page and by helping to distribute the food parcels’ he said.

‘This is an outstanding initiative where the local Muslim community came together in the hour of need to help other human beings without any prejudice and judgement of the beliefs of beneficiaries. I hope and pray that Cardiff Coronavirus Relief team efforts are more appreciated, and donations increase with time.’

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You can also find out how we’re helping fund the ongoing efforts to combat this crisis through the Voluntary Services Emergency Fund, or visit our COVID-19 updates page for the latest news, resources and guidance.

WCVA’s Tariq Awan with much needed food supplies ready for delivery

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