Candidate sites sought for national contemporary art gallery

Candidate sites sought for national contemporary art gallery

Published : 12/02/23 | Categories: News |

As part of its Programme for Government and the Cooperation Agreement with Plaid Cymru, Welsh Ministers are examining options for the creation of a new anchor site for the National Contemporary Art Gallery for Wales.

This is not aimed at replacing existing gallery facilities, but is to provide a central hub to complement provision in up to ten existing venues that collectively will form a distributed National Contemporary Art Gallery.


Making new use of existing property is a strong starting point for the environmental sustainability of any new facility. This request for candidate sites is to scope out what properties may be held by the third sector.

This would be an important anchor site, a ‘magnet’ for visitors and a significant contributor to growth of the local visitor economy, the cultural and creative industries and related sectors. For example, it could be an opportunity for town centre regeneration and support the ‘town centre first’ initiative. Democratic access to the collection is of paramount importance with the intention to make the visitor experience as rich and fulfilling as possible. The new venue will enshrine principles contained within the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and focus on improving the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of the area and Wales as a whole.


Clearly, there are a mix of key determining factors and at this stage we are putting out a call for candidate sites for further examination. Some early work has already identified possible locations that are being explored. This has included a similar call for candidate sites issued through Ystadau Cymru.

If after consideration you believe an existing asset in your portfolio (or within the portfolio of partner organisations) could meet the draft criteria below we would very much like to hear from you.

Submissions should include:

  • high-level details of the property and how it aligns with the criteria (maximum four pages)
  • a location and boundary plan, together with photographs if available; and
  • a key contact (name, position, email and telephone details) should further information be required.

Although this project will take time to develop, an indication of when it might be available for transfer will be necessary.


The request centres on existing buildings which will require adaption or reconfiguration which may include an extension or annex or some other additional construction work. However, if you have an undeveloped site that you wish to be considered for a new build, which could meet the key locational requirements, then please also include these details.

Depending upon the submissions the intention is that a short list would be drawn up, from which fuller (detailed) information may be sought alongside other properties being identified. Any shortlisted sites would then also receive a grant of up £25k over a 12 week period to enable the more detailed information to be developed and submitted.


The deadline for submissions to the Culture Division inbox ( will be 12 noon on 8 May 2023.

If you require further information, please contact, putting National Contemporary Art Gallery Anchor Site in the subject line.

This table sets out the draft high-level criteria to assist identification of potential properties.

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