Association of Chairs report on Chairing through COVID

Association of Chairs report on Chairing through COVID

Published : 22/06/21 | Categories: Information & support | News |

The Association of Chairs has published a research report which contains useful insights into the experiences of charity chairs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The role of charity chair is a very responsible one and COVID-19 has presented new challenges for chairs and their boards.

The findings of the study show that during the pandemic charity chairs have been faced with making complex and tough decisions at speed and with limited information.

A key finding is that the role has become much more time-consuming, especially in relation to supporting staff and holding more frequent meetings.

The picture is not all negative. The study shows that motivation remains high and there has been a positive impact on relationships, but there is risk of exhaustion and burnout.

Chairs have also had to upskill themselves rapidly in relation to digital and training has been an issue. The report reveals that there is often a general lack of investment in the training and development of chairs which is concerning.


Overall, the findings show that chairs have overwhelmingly stepped up, taking on additional responsibilities and making difficult decisions. Many have gone above and beyond. The Association of Chairs concludes that the story that emerges is one of ‘selfless service’.

The report includes a range of recommendations for next steps, calling for more support for chairs and more investment in their development.

You download a copy of the report from the Association of Chairs website (English only). Email registration is required if you are not a member.

Questions to consider:

  • What does your charity do to ensure that the Chair is supported in their role?
  • Does your charity invest in training and development for the Chair?

WCVA and our County Voluntary Council (CVC) partners offer a range of information, events, training and support which may be helpful for charity chairs in Wales.

Keep an eye on the WCVA newsletter for the latest news and opportunities and sign up to the Third Sector Support Wales Knowledge Hub.


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