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Applications open for new health and care challenge

Published : 22/09/23 | Categories: Information & support | News |

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board has launched its new Small Business Research Initiative Challenge.


The Social Care and Health Living Well Domiciliary Care Challenge is now taking applications.

This challenge seeks to build upon previous trials and testing, capturing the evidence and analysis required to inform the future sustainability of domiciliary care in Wales.

Successful applicants will be expected to deliver wider demonstration and/or scale and spread projects which can evidence the potential benefits and sustainability of their solutions. This might mean innovative models of care delivery or complimentary technologies which can support the integration and sustainability aspirations set out in A Healthier Wales.


The key focus will be on demonstrating sustainability of service, affordability and scalability of solutions that can be delivered at pace.

Applicants must clearly detail how they will engage and involve potential service users throughout project delivery to ensure any solution and/or service is designed with and for the people it is intended to benefit.

All projects should be delivered through a co-productive approach, enabling service users and their families, unpaid carers, social care, health and third sector colleagues to be part of the prototyping and testing process, learning vital skills and ensuring solutions are grounded in the reality of how systems work and supporting the future transition to digitally supported delivery. They should include a skills builder element to ensure that those involved in delivering the service and using the solutions are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to support use and address underlying skills and capability gaps. Specific milestones should be included in applications to reflect this.


Two free online events will take place to support this work.


To support collaboration from the outset, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB put in place an online marketplace to help different sectors and organisations connect ahead of submitting a challenge application.

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