Our purpose is to enable voluntary organisations in Wales to make a bigger difference together.

Who we are

WCVA is the national membership body for voluntary organisations in Wales.

The way we work

  • Involve members
  • Be open and inclusive
  • Look forward
  • Work with others
  • Use evidence
  • Maximise impact

Our story

In Wales people have always come together voluntarily, not for money or because the law tells them to, but because they want to make a difference.

Our team

Profile picture of Alison Pritchard Sustainable Funding Manager for WCVA

Alison Pritchard

Profile picture of Fiona Liddell Helpforce Manager Wales

Fiona Liddell

David Cook, Policy Officer

David Cook

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Our strategy for 2022-27

We’ve been working with our members and partners to think about what we can all do over the next five years to positively shape a better future for Wales.

We operate as part of a wider group. The WCVA group is made up of WCVA, Cynnal Cymru and Social Investment Cymru.

The WCVA family

Cynnal Cymru is the leading organisation for Sustainable Development in Wales. Cynnal’s mission is to make Wales a low carbon, resource efficient, healthy, just and prosperous society, thriving in balance with the natural ecosystems that support it. Find out more

Social Investment Cymru is the leading provider of social investment to social enterprises and the wider third sector in Wales. Repayable finance is available through multiple products that have all been designed to support organisations to grow and become more sustainable. Find out more

Our impact

Our Annual Reports highlight the biggest differences we’ve made. Find out about our stories and the life-changing work our members do every day.

A network of support

We’re proud to be part of a network of support for voluntary organisations in Wales.

We work closely with our partners the local County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) as part of Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW). Working together, we can make a bigger difference towards the shared outcomes we want to achieve across Wales. We focus on good governance, influencing and engagement, volunteering and resourcing a sustainable sector. Read more

We work closely with national voluntary sector networks through the Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC). This is a key mechanism for the sector to talk to, and hear from, Welsh Government. It enables voluntary organisations in Wales to have a stronger voice together. Read more

Our projects

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New approach to volunteering in Wales

UK Research and Consultancy Services is supporting the co-creation of a new approach to volunteering in Wales by key volunteering stakeholders. INTRODUCTION
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Influencing | Information & support | Volunteering |

WCVA Health and Care Project

WCVA’s Health and Care Project aims to better connect the voluntary sector with the health and care system. WCVA’S HEALTH AND CARE
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Influencing | Information & support |

Macmillan community innovation project

WCVA has partnered with Macmillan Cancer Support to find out why specific communities aren’t engaging fully with cancer services, how this could
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Strengthening partnership between Wales & Africa

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gofod3 – event programme now live!

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An update from the Health and Care Project

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