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As the national membership body for voluntary organisations in Wales, WCVA exists to enable voluntary organisations to make a bigger difference together.


It’s more important than ever that voluntary organisations have the skills and tools they need to find funding and diversify their income. In 2021/22 WCVA distributed around £28.9m in funding to charities, social enterprises and volunteers in Wales. 

Iour funding section you’ll find information on WCVA’s funding schemes, along with everything you need to help you search for and maintain funding for your cause.

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Two women and a man at gofod3 in discussion

Training, events and awards

Our training, events and awards bring voluntary organisations in Wales together to learn, connect and demonstrate the difference we make. Our training is focused on the needs of voluntary organisations. We can help you and your organisation run more effectively and develop your skills, knowledge and confidence. 

We also host a variety of events for voluntary organisations including gofod3 (the biggest event of its kind in Wales), our Annual Lecture and AGM, and the Welsh Charity Awards. 

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Voluntary organisations in Wales change lives every day, but in order to meet the challenges we’re all facing we need to unite. That’s why WCVA exists. Find out about WCVA membership below and help us make a bigger difference together.

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of voluntary and community organisations in Wales. They bring so many benefits, but recruiting and retaining volunteers means creating a positive and supportive environment.

We’ve got information sheets covering a wide range of topics and advice, model policies, resources, information on grant funding and more. If you work with volunteers in Wales, or are looking to get into volunteering, then we’ve got you covered.

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Our resource bank for the voluntary sector in Wales contains useful ‘how to’ guides, as well as toolkits, information, guidance and publications.